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Tree Pruning

View enhancement: We use proper pruning techniques to enhance mountain and/or ocean views and increase light without compromising the health and beauty of your trees.

Crown reduction: Reduce yard maintenance from falling leaves, increase light, and lower the risk of injury or structural damage from falling branches.

Annual pruning: Schedule yearly maintenance in the spring to keep your trees healthy and prepare for increased fire danger during summer months.

Tree Removal

Disease and death are the most common reasons to remove a tree; however, a tree may also need to be removed if it poses a hazard or interferes with structural or landscaping plans. Our climbers are skilled and well-trained in safety techniques to remove the largest of trees.

Stump grinding: Remove stumps to prevent re-growth and root problems.

Fire Clearance

Clear brush and remove limbs hanging over structures to reduce the risk of fire damage. New laws require specific fire clearance in high-risk areas.

Emergency Service

Call day or night for fallen tree/branch removal or other tree hazards requiring immediate service.

We Also Offer

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